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Quartz Sand / Quartz Powder

● Description of Quartz Sand / Quartz Powder

We select local crystal and quartz mine (from Donghai county known as hometown of crystal) as material and employ advanced purifying process to produce Quartz sand and Quartz powder.

● Special Feature

High whiteness;
Chemical stability;
High electric insulation property;
Uniform particle size distribution
Good Particle shape for flowability;
High purity(high SiO2 purity, low impurity);

● Applications

Quartz Sand(Powder) are used as material for producing optical glass, refractory,artificial marble, metallurgy, ceramic, foundry, electronics, silicon rubber, paint and ink, etc.

● Main Product

Refined Quartz Sand
Quartz Sand for Optical Glass
High Purity Quartz Sand
Crystalline Quartz Powder

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