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Fused Silica

● Description of Fused Silica

We strictly choose the high purity silica sand (SiO2>99%) in local Donghai county( hometown of crystal) as our raw material. The melted sand become amorphous silicon dioxide glassy ingot after being fused at high temperature (2000 -2300) ℃ and cooling. We further process the products into lump, grain and powder in accordance with customer's requirement.

● Special Feature

Fused Silica features extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, consistent chemistry and carefully controlled particle size distribution.

● Applications

Fused Silica are used in ceramic, refractory, investment casting, EMC, solar crucible, etc.

● Main Product

Fused Silica Ingot / Grain / Powder
Fused Silica Product
Color Fused Silica

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